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5.0 Mustang
5.0 Mustang

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4/28/00 - New look for the Falcon
The Falcon is a very interesting car. Beside the fact that it is just one keen-looking piece of classic Ford design, this car is in great shape. It still has all the factory glass, sheet-metal and trim, with the exception of the bumpers. They have been replaced with fiberglass race bumpers.

The first day we had the car at the garage, Dad (Ed) commented that he would like to pick up a fiberglass hood with a teardrop hood scoop to replace the factory steel hood.

Over the winter, with the Falcon tucked snuggly away in the garage, jolly old Saint Nick, (played by Me in this case), got on the phone to Crites Performance and Restoration Products and ordered a beautiful fiberglass hood with a teardrop scoop.

About a week later the hood arrived. Crites does a great job with their replication fiberglass body parts. This thing was magnificent.

Armentrout Auto in Marshallville, Ohio applied a super paint-job and the hood was put on the Falcon. Man, does it look cool. And I can see over it better!

Very soon we will add some photos to our gallery so you can see what a difference this hood makes in the appearance of the car.

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